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Who is Advice Insurance?

Advice Insurance is your insurance agency. We offer coverages from a variety of carriers and we get your new insurance coverage started by placing you with one of our insurance carriers. We have different carriers available to meet most any need. We also take care of any customer service so you don't have to deal with the carrier directly. Some of the services we provide include adding or changing cars and drivers on the policy, taking payments, and notifying you of any pending cancellations.

What happens after I purchase a policy through Advice Insurance?

After the transaction is complete, you will receive proof of insurance from Advice Insurance, and your application for insurance coverage will be forwarded to your new insurance company for processing. You will receive your policy in the mail, along with new insurance ID cards, in 7-10 business days. You will also receive your new insurance company's contact information, including their website, payment information, and claims information. Please keep this information handy, and visit the company's website so you can become familiar with them. You can download new insurance ID cards, pay a bill directly to them, and get claims information.

What is full coverage?

Full coverage is a generic term people use to describe coverage that satisfies the law (liability) and coverage that covers your car (comprehensive and collision). While these two coverages are always included in full coverage quotes, there are optional coverages that you may want, such as rental car, excess medical, un-insured motorist, and roadside assistance, that may or may not be included in your quote. When getting a quote, be sure to talk to your agent about these coverages.

What is required?

To legally drive and satisfy the law, you must get liability insurance. The minimum limits required by the state are $15,000/$30,000 for bodily injury, and $5,000 for property damage. If you are financing the car, the bank will require comprehensive and collision insurance. Everything else is optional

What are optional coverages?

Optional coverages include Medical, Uninsured Motorist, Rental, and Roadside Assistance. Your quote may or may not include some or all of these coverages. 

How do I make a change on my policy?

It's easy to make a change on your policy. Simply call our office at 626-930-1080 and one of our agents can make the change and send you proof right away. For a review of  the available coverages on your policy, visit our auto insurance coverage page.

Will my rate change if I make a claim?

That depends. If you have a collision that is your fault, and at least $1,000 is paid out, then your rate will go up at your next renewal. Having an annual policy can delay your rate going up, so we recommend that you get an annual policy. If you have an accident that is not your fault, your rate will not go up if you make a claim. If your car is damaged while parked, your rate will not go up at the next renewal. The only time your rate will go up at renewal after making a claim is if you have an at fault accident.

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