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California Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Compensation Quote

Advice Insurance Agency is a great source for Workers’ Compensation insurance. We provide standard, state-approved coverage that compensates your employees for work-related injuries as well as from lawsuits that may occur as a result of injuries to their employees.


We have markets that offer coverage and competitive pricing for a wide variety of class codes, including businesses engaged in retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing.


We also have markets that are willing to provide coverage for new ventures and customers with a prior lapse in their coverage. And we can offer quotes for some construction classifications, although special rules apply to these types of risks.


For risks that have at least $250,000 in payroll, we have a unique Workers Comp program that is different from other workers' compensation insurance providers in many ways. Some of  the benefits include (reprinted from the company website)


Workers' compensation insurance, payroll processing, risk reduction programs and employer extended coverages


Claims Management - For the past 5 accident years, our claims closure rate has been 2.5 times faster than the industry average. This is because we assign our adjusters low caseload numbers, allowing them to manage claims accurately and close them quickly.


The company's Loss Control Department is designed to help businesses identify - and eliminate - potentially harmful conditions that could otherwise result in significant losses.


Other benefits include  pharmacy services and return-to-work programs.


Don't delay. Submit the quote form and find out if and when you can start enjoying superior benefits and rates.

Your information is safe on our encrypted forms.

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