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Payment Options

Advice Insurance has one goal in mind. To make sure your coverage is in effect. We are even available after hours and on weekends to take your payment. We offer several ways to make your payment. Please see your choices below, and be sure to call us anytime to make a payment.


Stop by our office

Stop by anytime during business hours and we can take your payment and make sure your policy coverage continues uninterrupted. Making your payment is fast and easy, and we accept all forms of payment.


Over the phone

Please call us anytime at 626-930-1080 to make your payment over the phone. You can also make an automated payment by phone directly to your insurance company. Please refer to your policy documents for information on your specific carrier payment phone number.



You can make a quick online payment, saving you time and money. Simply refer to your policy documents and visit your carrier website. For assistance in completing this task, call our office and speak to one of our agents.


By mail

People still use the U.S. mail, and that is always an option. If you need billing information, please call our office at 626-930-1080 or refer to the billing you received in the mail.

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