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Change Your Address

When doing a change of address, here are the guidelines to follow.


1. There will be a garaging address and a mailing address. Usually these are one and the same. Sometimes people need to use a mailing address  that differs from the garaging address. The garaging address is where the vehicle is kept at night, and it is a factor in determining the rate you pay for insurance. Thus the rate you pay for insurance may go up or down when you move to a new address.


2. All residents of your household must be disclosed, and either included as a driver on the policy, or excluded from driving your vehicle(s). Sometimes household residents come and go, and it may be easier to call us to update the residents of your household if there are many people in your household.


3. Names that appear on your vehicle registration must be included or excluded as a driver, and cannot be deleted.


4. If you have changed employment, that can also affect the rate you pay for insurance due to increased or decrease driving, although not by much.

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